Thursday, August 09, 2007

MJ Quits Smoking - A Journal - Day 1

Well, that wasn't so hard, deciding to quit smoking I mean.

I had my last cigarette about 10:00 this morning, it is now 9:20 in the evening, and other than the fact that I have tunnel vision, my head feels like it is 1/2 hat size too small for my brain, my fingers are tingling, my ears are ringing, I am having auditory and visual halucinations and I have consumed 1/2 pound of Jellybellys, everything is just fine, never guess I had just severed my relationship with one of the world's most addictive drugs.

I have been smoking since high school. I am now 60 years old. That is a LOT of smoking. I do not even want to guess what my lungs must look like. I know what they sound like from time to time and it ain't pretty. I know how I feel when I walk the Big Sur hills or downtown San Francisco, my chest hurts and my head throbs. My legs have begun to show signs of PVD (peripheral vascular disease) with rather minor exertion.

"Yep, probably a good idea to quit," I think as I reach for a few more Jellybellies.


Ptelea said...

I'm thinking positive thoughts for you, John. This has got to be hard - try to visualize having an easier time getting up and down those hills - taking more and more photos!

Manu said...

You speak of hallucinations as if that was a bad thing! Haha! Which reminds me, the 40th anniversary concert of the summer of love takes place on September 2nd in golden gate park. Don't leave your hallucinations at home. ;)

Your over the wall buddie said...

Hang in there! You can do this!

paul said...

Go, John! Go! I'm happy for you. Hang in there, buddy. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in about 2 weeks!

William said...

Every day is a major victory, take them one at a time.

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