Thursday, August 09, 2007

More Playing with Light and Lense

Yesterday I was duncing around in the garden. Anita has a bunch of "garden art," among them this ceramic cat (as if our four real ones weren't enough :). I had the Canon 70-300mm USM IS mounted, and I wanted to see what I could do with it with some closeups. The light was interesting too. So I shot a few frames. I was rather pleased with the result.

I also played a bit with DOF and composition with this solar light and bench. The white arm on the bench is a bit blown out (I suspect I can fix that in Lightroom) but otherwise the image works pretty well.

This sort of shooting works with some of the commercial work I am doing for a place called McShanes Nursery here in Salinas. It is a large high end nursery catering to folks who are serious about their gardening. There are lots of folks like that around coastal Monterey County. I'll be shooting for them and their landscape architects here over the next several weeks.

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William said...

thats some great news, hope it becomes a very successful venture

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