Friday, August 10, 2007

MJ Quits Smoking - A Journal - Day 2

06:20 - Woke up after a night of what the shrinks like to call "vivid dreams." These are induced by an infusion of nicotine provided by the patch. Very odd stuff.

One was of a sexual nature that is probably just as well erased from my memory. At 60 years old who needs dreams like that? Probably involved something illegal, immoral or against the laws of nature.

The other that I can recall was quite strange...

It involved my flying back to NYC for a visit with my dad. Dad passed away in 1993, so visiting him was definitey an odd thing to be doing. Somehow, on my way home I stopped at the Greenwich Country Club (which is for the very richy-rich and I have never been in the place... but that's the beauty of dreams) and met up with an old family friend by the name of Pete Dorrance. At the bar Pete and I indulged in some adult beverages. Pete was always fun to talk to.

Pete is long gone too. He was a WWII submarine officer. He once described being depth charged as being inside a garbage can while 20 mad men beat on it with sledge hammers. He also was totally unihibited in his humor: he encounters two gals pushing strollers with babies in them on the sidewalk. As he passed them he says to his companion, in this case my brother Mike, "Looks like they attended the same orgy."

Anyway, the dream proceeds with Pete and I meeting some guy, a sophisticated British dude, and striking up a conversation. Pete was famous for such things. It was a pleasant intellectual sort of conversation. We agree to meet him, the British dude, for lunch the next day with my Dad.

And there dear readers, I woke up... hey, that's the way dreams go.

Anyway, this morning the head has returned more or less to normal size. Vision appears to be normal. Ears are still ringing. Fingers tingle only a bit. Kind of an unusual pressure in the chest. Definitely experiencing a desire for a cigarette but no real need for one.

The two pop tarts I consumed before retiring seem to have settled that particular craving and I have no current need to repeat that epicurian experience... but the jelly bellies are looking pretty good.

23:50 - Urah! I made it through the day. Chalk one up for the good guys.

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Liz G said...

One day at a time - you'll get there.

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