Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Will One Ups Me...

From Will's blog:

"My father's day just got a lot cooler. I was given the a-ok to order the lens I
have dreweled over as my dream lens for the past half a year. Did not even get
the usual comment, "you're pictures are just fine the way they are." Love ya
babe. We feel that we did a great job getting the house in order to sell and I
will allow Sue a Nordstom shopping spree or something. This is no toy, and I
can't wait to see what I am able to produce with its help.

Introducing the Canon Zoom Telephoto EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS
Image Stabilizer USM Autofocus Lens. No, there is no graviton power converter. "

Well done boy, you got her trained pretty well.. just kidding Sue!

Now, about that graviton power converter...


Manu said...

WOW!!! Looks like you decided to get serious? ;-) Congrats on the purchase, that is one mighty lens. If you drop that one (well, don't, but if you do), don't drop it on your foot, it's heavy! ;-) Can't wait to see the first products.

Monterey John said...

Manu, it's Will's lens, NOT mine... unfortunately.

William said...

Overall, Sue is just a great woman. I know she totally disagrees with purchases like this which keeps me somewhat frugal, but she does step outside her comfort zone and look at things from my perspective.

Manu said...

Oh, wooops, my mistake!!! Alright, erratum: Will don't drop this one on your dad's foot, ok? ;-)

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