Wednesday, June 13, 2007

That Lens in the Previous Post is Son Will's NOT Mine...sigh... However!

However, bless the boys heart, he is going to lend me his old telephoto to replace the one I broke. The loaner is a good lens, a Canon 70-300 IS USM f4-5.6. The image stabilization is a very desirable feature, particularly over 200mm. I'm grateful to the boy and promise NOT to drop it.

Between Will and Anita, who provided the fabulous new macro, I will be venturing out into the world fairly well armed.

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William said...

Yes, be very careful. I have kept it in MINT condition without a single scuff mark. You are pretty much receiving a new lens. Make that 2 with the macro. Geesh, you're spoiled!

Well, more importantly, I hope it helps you have some fun out there, even if you do drop it. ;)

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