Sunday, November 12, 2006

Pelicans at Sunset

For larger image click on picture.

Graceful critters, aren't they?

My late afternoon the other day was productive. I have a number of shots that will end up being posted. I am trying to put some variety in their look so the birds do not become tedious.


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
It's quite a reversal of preconceived thought for me, in that from viewing documentary footage and seeing images of Pelicans in various magazines and books. I tend to think of them as rather large and semi clumsy birds with not much grace at all.
Yet when viewed in an image like yours, it's evident the obvious to see the affinity they have for flight through being graceful.
And again this morning I have learnt something new in the photoblogging community!

Terry said...

I have a number of pelican shots I did in Avila Beach. For difference, and a big addition to making them look as graceful as they are, you might want to look at getting above them, while they are flying.

Straight out also helps.

For a more active perspective, getting them while plunging into the surf is tricky, but has some good moments.

Cormorants, on the other hand, have pretty much stumped me, when in the air.

micki said...

When I see large birds fly, I am filled with such wonder!! When they first take off, they don't look like they're going to make it, then they catch that wind and the awkwardness is replaced with such graceful skill as they fly away. Wonderful shot!!

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