Monday, November 13, 2006

Vicious Beasts at Pt Lobos Encountered

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I went out to Pt Lobos this afternoon and when I came around a turn in the path coming up from the beach I encountered these characters. They were so vicious, they just stood there and looked at me. I took my camera off my shoulder and shot a few pictures of them. They were so alarmed at this that they began to eat the grass at the side of the path. Finally, when I needed to get past them, they made way and I walked back to the car to sit and wait for sunset.

Addendum: I just looked at the metadata 1/20th f9 at 220mm, hand held... not bad :)


micki said...

You're lucky you didn't lose a limb or something, John. Please be a little more cautious when out shooting the wildlife!

Paul said...

They do look pretty intimidating! :-)

Hick said...

I would not have been so nice to those buggers. When I see them in my yard I send the dog out after 'em.

I like the colors in the upper left corner of your picture.

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