Saturday, November 11, 2006

Capturing Motion with a Little Help from Photoshop

For larger image click on picture.

Well, Paul suggested a high contrast B&W. I figured while I was at it I'd take out the second gull. Micki would definitely not approve :) And well, this is the result.

I also did the color image, which upon reflection, I think I prefer.


micki said...

Oh John! How could I be upset if you're learning and having fun? (I do insist, though, that you get out and shoot a roll of film again, soon.) Don't forget some appropriate filters if you do load up a roll of infrared.

As for today's, I prefer the color version.

pecunium said...

I see from here, and your previous blog, that you are new(ish) to digital. As someone who is slightly less new (and who agrees with Micki, we all need to shoot more film) I have a couple of questions.

1:How are you manipulating your images (and I commend your use of .RAW). Photoshop is useful but has a lot of hazards, and a lot of things which don't directly apply to photography.

2: How are you making your B&W conversions?

I have to say that, as presented, the color version works better.


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