Saturday, January 05, 2008

The California Storm of January 2008 - Surf's Up!

We had a little break in the weather this morning, so I trekked over to Pacific Grove to take a look at the surf the storm had built. I was not disappointed. It was as big as anything I have seen here.

Point Pinos has a road that goes around the tip... or it did. There is, or was, a seawall made of large rocks. Many of those rocks were now up on the road along with tons of sand. One can only imagine the energy it took to do that.

These shots are of large breakers, perhaps a little over 20'.


Gwyn Weger said...

Awesome wave! I'd love to see more of this trek. Thanks for the adventures John!

micki said...

Now see, I've not been down to the ocean during a huge storm here, but I doubt we get anything like that along our mid-Atlantic coastal waters unless there's a hurricane involved. I love all the energy along the coast during a strom, though.

evlahos said...

fantastic scenes. very strong captures. great work

Ginnie said...

I would have been in heaven with that kind of storm, John. I think you were, too!

Sujit Sudhi said...

Lovely shots of the sea. Great work.

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