Saturday, January 05, 2008

The California Storm of January 2008 - Here it Comes

From high atop "Angina Dune" (oh, the sacrifices your correspondent makes) here is the storm coming ashore. It turned out to be a real lulu, 70 mph winds and several inches of rain. Just north of here there was 30' surf (no, I am NOT going out there to shoot it, at least not until it stops raining). All in all, an impressive performance by Mother Nature.


Photo Cache said...

Glad you decided to stay inside for this storm. I did as well. We do need the rain,but that was really impressive start for the rainy season/storm season. The winds were really howling outside my window. Kinda scary.

Anonymous said...

This is so California! I spent my summers here as a teen and I miss this beautiful place. Thank you for your fab photo's, they have touched my heart!

Paul said...

I love it! Man, I wish that I could have been there for that. I'd love to see and hear those power waves crashing ashore. BTW, did you get your surfboard out and catch a few tasty waves? ;-) Nice shots!

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