Thursday, December 27, 2007

My Little Buddy

With the terrible news this morning coming from Pakistan, I felt the need to look at something tranquil and happy. My buddy "Moby The Hummingbird" makes me smile, so here he is.

In the morning I go out on the patio for coffee and to enjoy a California sunrise. Moby and I have become buddies. He seems to be waiting for me when I come out in the morning. When he sees me, he flies down to the feeder and has a drink while I sip my coffee. We are no more than three feet apart. He dips his beak and then looks over at me as though to say, "How ya' doin?" I tell him he is a pretty birdie and we spend a lovely few minutes together.

This picture is no work of art, but hey, I shot this tiny guy freehand from about 30'. He was up in the tree where he waits for me in the morning. He's just the cutest little guy. He make me feel a bit like St. Francis.

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