Sunday, December 30, 2007

Front Row Seat to Glory

We are just coming off a California "storm," i.e. it rained. Back in Missouri we would have called it a spring shower. Be that as it may, it is warm and the sky is looking beautifully crisp, so I'll head on over to Pacific Grove to try to capture a sunset. This time of year they tend to be spectacular assuming the fog stays away.

I played with this image a bit, mostly to resize it 8x10 aspect ratio. As much as I like the "widescreen" look of the 35mm format, it is a pain when making prints to statndard sizes. I frequently end up losing something I don't want to lose in the cropping. This one worked out alright.


Gwyn Weger said...

Incredible I must have that pic, would you consider selling it with the rights? Thanks Ramon.

Gwyn Weger said...

Awesome color and image, John!

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