Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Desktop Fried

Ah well, there is always something new with which to deal. Today it is a fried computer. Apparently I caught a virus despite multiple levels of protection and it has eaten one of my hard drives... the one with my photos. So, off to the shop it goes.

It is a nuisance to post from the laptop, so I may or may not. All I have to offer is old stuff that I had the good sense to backup to DVD. We'll see.


paul said...

Ouch! That hurts! I started backing up all of my images to DVD on Saturday. I think that I'll continue!

I have two hard drives on one computer plus some of the images on the laptop. I was even thinking of getting an external drive to put in the safe! Backups! Can you have enough?

Good luck, my friend!

Photo Cache said...

sorry to hear about this. i used to save/back up everything in external drive; i havent in a while and i will do so again; i had a scare a week ago, and now with your situation, yes back up again.

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