Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Beach Grass

I was out doing a bit of work today in Watsonville (actual paying work, non-photography... what we starving artists will do!). As always I had my camera with me, and I headed down to the beach when I was done. It was a cold gloomy day, certainly not fit for landscapes. So, I pulled out the macro, and... voila!

As for the desktop being fried, it is still in the shop. However, posting became less of a nuisance when I hooked up a mouse. (am I the only one that hate those finger pads?) I do miss Photoshop and Lightroom which are on the desktop, but I do have PS Elements on this machine. So, I'll post.


Paul said...

Great idea to switch, John! Blah weather for 'grand' landscapes is perfect weather for not-so-grand landscapes!

Why don't you install your second copy onto your laptop? I have one on my desktop and one on my laptop. Works great!

Ginnie said...

So sorry about your fried desktop, John! What a bummer. But you clearly have risen above and beyond that to post this photo. It's a fabulous abstract. I love the colors and blur/DOF. Well done, Sir!

intern said...

beautiful shot... Love the pastels.

Photo Cache said...

yes, i am a mouse clicker, without a mouse i can get very ugly. wonderful macro

Ptelea said...

Hi John - love the grass blades. And I am useless without a mouse too. Even worse than the finger pad is the "eraser tip" I can't tolerate that. I am glad that you persevered and posted for us!!

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