Monday, October 01, 2007

Salinas International Air Show - Pt 2 - Snowbirds

A few shots for our long time friends to the north, especially
Amy at Cute but Stupid.

Click here for more images of the air show.


amy said...

WAAAY COOL!!! Perfect timing to include the full formation and the flags nicely blurred in the foreground!! Spectacular images John!! The red and white looks so amazing against that incredible blue sky... Thanks!!

Photo Cache said... offered to show me how to make my pics show larger size. i know you're filtering this comments section so if you could email me at i would be so glad. also you may not post this comment. i may have just missed that section of your blog with e-mail MJ here. Thanks, Photocache

mal said...

Hi John great shots as usual, I like the last two the best. In the UK, it was announced last week that the "Red Arrows" will "not" be performing a display at the London olympic games in 2012 for fear that it will offend people and remind others of our military history! What rubbish our political idiot leaders talk! mal

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