Sunday, September 30, 2007

Salinas International Airshow - Pt 1 - F18 Super Hornet

Today my inner child, Bart (as in Simpson) had a GREAT time. I went to see the Blue Angels and the Canadian Snowbirds. Wow! My ears are still ringing. I put the camera in servo and chewed up nearly 2000 large jpgs. Thank goodness for a high speed 8 gig flash card.

This picture is of a plane from the Super Hornet demonstration team. These are similar planes to those used by The Blue Angels only hotter, if that is possible. The Jar Heads, Marines, (Semper Fi brother Mike:) brought in four of them. Wowzers! Hot indeed.

Having lived many years in St Louis where these babies are made, even working for a time for McDonnell Douglas who makes these planes in St Louis, I got a bit nostalgic. The old familiar roar gave me goosebumps.

With that many pictures to work with, guess I'll be posting a few over the next number of days.

Click here for more images of the air show.


amy said...

Just excellent John!! Yay!! Snowbirds!! Really a stunning and spectacular image.

William said...

Snowbird? Was tulip taken? Looks like some good fun.

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