Sunday, October 14, 2007

Photographer's Assistant (Specializes in Birds)

Meet BG, short for Big Gray. This is your basic 20lb cat. He is a fine boy. Today he was helping me while I photographed the hummingbirds.

BG's favorite thing is "TV Time." This is the hour or so after dinner when we sit down to watch TV, like the British mysteries on PBS (perhaps the only thing I like about PBS). BG crawls up in my lap and sucks up some affectionate petting and ear scratching. He purrs like a cement mixer.

When the show is over he reluctantly heads for bed.

OK, that's enough blogging for one day.


craiger said...

Gorgeous cat. Great shot!

amy said...

BG is a beauty!! Beautiful job, John!! Makes me pine for my Seymour who was also a 20lb tabby but orange. They're just special.

Polly Jean said...

what a cool guy. i'm sure he loved helping!

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