Sunday, October 14, 2007

Ahab Bags Moby Dick (Well, sort of...)

Call me Ishmael :)

I have been trying to photograph this little guy for about a month. He has become something of a quest, or as the Blues Brothers might have said, "a mission from God." Well I finally got a few decent shots of him, not good, but decent.

I had to crop away about 80% of the image for these two.

Ar least the little fellow now has a name: "Moby Dickey Bird."


badala said...

Adorable capture!

Richard said...

Wow, John! I can see that a lot of patience was rewarded by some great looking pictures.

amy said...

Criminey man!! I miss a couple days and all hell breaks loose!! LOL These hummingbird shots are just wonderful. I know how difficult it is to get the little blighters. Had minimal luck this summer.. sigh.. Colours are glorious and the slight wing movement in the bottom of the two is .. sublime.

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