Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Oh My Goodness - SHARP!

Not really sure what I did here with the focus :0. I have had my complaints with focusing on the Canon Rebel XT. It always seems to be off by a hair or two. Then I got this picture. OK, so it's me and not the camera or lenses that is the problem.

It was shot with my 100mm f2.8 macro. This is a lovely lens, but rather tricky. The glass is just superb. Color, contrast etc are without parallel. However, getting a decent focus at wider apertures is an issue.

Anyway, this one came out great.

I've been wanting to shoot some black and white for awhile, not gray scale but black and white. I have always liked the feel of B&W. I learned about green filters. Skies have always been a problem for me in B&W. The green filter effect built into the XT's firmware solved that problem. No more washed out skies.


craiger said...

Cool shot John!

Richard said...

Sharp, Very Sharp. I think this picture illustrates what happens when there is very little or hardly no hand shake. You just happened to snap it right on time on this one.

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