Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Feather on the Beach, Will and Other Stuff at Pomponio Beach

Will and I went over to Pomponio Beach on Saturday afternoon. I came up from Monterey and Will came over the hill from San Jose. I had to endure the trip through Santa Cruz, never a favorite thing of mine. Will had to cut his way through The Great Pumpkin Festival at Half Moon Bay. I think I got the better part of the bargain.

We arrived there in late afternoon. Will was working on a project for his photography class and was shooting full manual film. Oh my. I, on the other hand, was footloose and fancy free to take in the late afternoon light and do whatever I wanted.

So I did.


amy said...

Sigh... John I truly love your work! Just incredible images. The feather is top notch with the shadows, sand, and the texture between the feather and sand. Love it. The seagull (?) over the surf is gorgeous. All of them FABulous!!

Richard said...

Wow, looks like you guy's had a great time. Nice shots.

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