Monday, September 10, 2007

Image of the Day - Holy Begonia Batman!

Focus is not what I had hoped for here. I would prefer the center was sharper but I got the top of the flower instead. This macro stuff can be pretty challenging. Nonetheless, I rather like the picture.


amy said...

You're absolutely right about macro's being a challenge. Jeesh, talk about a learning curve!! But this macro is truly stunning!! We all have a little critiques of the stuff we do... some small bitch that most don't care about. The colours in this macro are phenomenol!! It has layer upon layer of ... sigh.. can't think of good enough superlative. So instead: Holy Mother of Wow!!

Jen said...

Fabulous stuff John!
I really do enjoy your macro shots...geez I need a new camera with a macro lens!!!

Intern said...


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