Sunday, September 09, 2007

Image of the Day - California Oak Acorns

Today we took some limbs off a California oak in the backyard, and much to my surprise, there were acorns there. (Call for Mr. Macro!) The California oak, a form of live oak, looks nothing like the oaks I was used to back East. But, sure enough, the Californians are related to my old familiar trees.

Speaking of Mr. Macro, my confidence is growing the more I use this lens. At the risk of being repititious, it is very good color and clarity-wise. I am finding that at 100mm it is very versatile and would probably make a fine portrait lens, though I have yet to use it for that. I look forward to my expertise growing with this lens over time.


Ginnie said...

It really is a fabulous macro, John! You can be very proud of it!

Richard said...

Yep,everytime I see some more of these shots pushes me closer and closer to that 100mm.

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