Thursday, August 02, 2007

Playing with Light

MontereyJohn, "Landscape Guy," is trying to spread his wings a bit.

This outdoor ceramic counter top caught my eye at the wedding the other day. Light was coming through wine glasses. The image could probably profit from some post-processing, but I liked the raw look.

Oh... and notice the cute MJ slug Anita created for me in the copyright at the bottom right.


Paul said...

I can certainly see why it caught your eye! I would have spent a bit of time with that myself. Nice!

Manu said...

You know John Butler was born in California, he moved to Australia later at some point. I believe he played the fillmore just 2 or 3 few months ago.

Polly Jean said...

looks like it's underwater!

Photo Buffet said...

LOVE this abstract. It's unlike what you normally do, but that's the charm of it. Nice!

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