Sunday, August 05, 2007

Fog? What Fog?

We have been having pretty thick fogs for the last several days in the morning. Make that pea soup fogs. So I decided to rise early this morning, 5 o'clock, and see if I could find a spot in the nearby hills above the fog and see what that looked like.

I set out over the San Juan Grade Road that goes up to about 1300 feet. No luck. Total white-out at the top. That left me with Fremont Peak which is about 3500 high. Off I went.

I crossed the Gabilan Mountains on the Grade to near San Juan Bautista. There I picked up the winding road that ascends Fremont Peak. It is about an 11 mile switchback. At about 3000 feet I broke out of the fog.

I stopped and took this "self-portrait."

This was the view looking back down the mountain.

Santa Cruz Mountains from Fremont Peak.


William said...

Wow, a great drive this morning!

Ptelea said...

Just beautiful - this reminds me of my visit out to San Jose and the pre-dawn drive that my brother took me on to find a good spot for sunrise.

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