Saturday, August 11, 2007

MJ Quits Smoking - A Journal - Day 3 Pt II - Oxygen Poisoning and Carbon Monoxide Deficiency

Wellllllll... here we are in the middle of Day 3. I think I'm getting through the detox from nicotine OK. Not a pleasant exercise, and certainly something I do not wish to repeat, but I'm doing OK. I'm off the patch, at least for moment, just to see how I do. If I still need it, I won't hesitate to put another one on.

My bloodstream, I am rather certain, is confused. It seems to be crying out for cabon monoxide like it was a food group or something. I am feeling rather tired.

Then there is the oxygen stuff. My skin is warm to the touch and is pink rather than gray and clammy. Surely that is a sign of oxygen poisoning. Should I be worried here?

Well, tonight I am off to shoot a video for the Pacific Grove High School's 50th Reunion. They are actually paying me. Better not screw that up, eh?

By-the-by, I spoke too soon about the dreams this morning. After I wrote that note, I went back to bed, and here came all the "you really screwed things up" type dreams, like missing legal deadlines in my previous work. But the effect was not the same. I felt fine about me.

Now, pass the CO!


William said...

Keep it up, everything will return to normal.

Manu said...

They say the first day is the hardest. Maybe so. I say everyday is hard. Keep it up.

Desert Rat said...

What's the story about day four?

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