Saturday, August 11, 2007

MJ Quits Smoking - A Journal - Day 3

Wow, another night of nicotine patch fueled vivid dreams,

But this time they were confident dreams, definitely confident if bizarre. They involved photography and I was shooting with my brother, my son and friends in all sorts of interesting locations. Dorothy, my "God mother" who saw me through much earlier in my life, was there. Toward the end of the dream I was confronting some pretty small minded people with a sense of purpose rather than trepidation. This was a DREAM and very different from those that I typically experience which are usually apocolyptic in nature.

I have no doubt that this is not just driven by the nicotine patch but by the success in not smoking for two days in a row. I'm feeling proud that I have achieved this and am grateful for the power greater than myself that helps me surrender and overcome.

Life is good!

Long way to go with this addiction, but now I know I can do it.

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