Friday, July 20, 2007

Study of Single Lane Bridge Over the Aroyo Seco, Monterey County

Today I went "up valley" in my anti-Big Sur mode. I needed badly to do something different. I went about twenty miles to near Soledad where the Aroyo Seco River enters the Salinas Valley

This bridge is the Elm Avenue bridge. Avenue??? It is in the middle of nowhere. Well maybe not nowhere, but you can see nowhere from the bridge.

I shot a lot of images of the bridge and this is just a few of them


Ginnie said...

Very cool, John. Totally stunning!

craiger said...

Cool shots!

Jen said...

Fantastic bridge the colors and all the different angles!! (the moon shot is very cool) Jen

William said...

great set of shots, th framing of the moon is pretty cool

Stunner said...

Great shots of this wonderful structure.

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