Thursday, July 12, 2007

And the Winners Are... Drum Roll Please...

Welllll.... the most interesting debate was over the Pomponio cliffs. Truthfully most went for the colorful sunset. However, a significant number of others, particularly the mad Frenchman, Manu, whose judgment I respect greatly, went for the other one. What was the only possible solution? I have four entries to make, so I'll put both in and dump one of my other favorites.

The footprints really did not receive a lot of votes, but they were a favorite of mine and one other... YOU know who you are :)

So here are the finalists:

For larger image click on picture.


Polly Jean said...

for me, it's the sunset. hands down.

mal said...

sorry john but that sunset is stunning, thats the one for me. mal

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