Sunday, April 01, 2007

Vista... Things That Make You Say "Hmmm," or in the Alternative, "Ah #%^*!"

Well, as my old computer was fried, I had the joy and delight of taking on Vista 1.0 from the boys and girls up north of here with my new confuser.

First huge negative, I am addicted to Pinnacle Movie Maker. I love to make videos. I have been using Pinnacle for years. So guess what? Pinnacle is not compatible with Vista. As this is a new computer and not an upgraded computer, Pinnacle was not already on the machine. Pinnacle has a patch for upgraded machines but not for those of us who have to load the program from dsk to a Vista machine. So... I am without. Pinnacle is promising a Vista compatible product during 2007. Well, isn't that just bleepin' peachy!

I have HP's movie software, but frankly it stinks. I'm not sure if Adobe's product is Vista compatible either. The CS version costs $799 and the Elements version costs $99. Why do I think Elements is not going to be much of an improvement on the HP product?

Numerous other, though less vital, programs bit the dust.

Beware of nerds bearing gifts.

Here is where I find myself today...

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George said...

Did you try running Pinnacle in XP compatibility mode?

Right click the install icon in Pinnacle and there will be a tab that will let you run stuff in XP mode.

Sometimes works....sometimes doesn't.

William said...

Yes, but your OS is now pretty

paul said...

Yikes! This is why I stay away from M$ supposed upgrades! I am going to order a new computer; however, I will make sure that it has XP Professional installed. I can get one from Dell small business. If you go to the home website, you can't get it because everything is Windoze Pista, oops, I meant Vista.

You could buy XP and install it on your new computer and be up and running your old stuff!

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