Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Cat Ate My Computer

Yeah sure.

Really, I swear it's true!

Get a med change, you old fart!

Well, for the record, my processor melted down. My beloved old Dell that has served me well for four years shot craps. The processor housing was full of cat hair that had been sucked into the machine. Fur makes a decent insulator, decent enough to trap sufficient heat to cause the processor to melt the mother board.

Lesson learned. Bella the Attack Kitty has had her toys, food dish etc banished to a respectable distance from my new machine.

The new machine is a nice HP with 300 gig hard drive, 2 gigs of RAM, an upgraded video card and all that sort of thing. Very nice.

Thanks to my significant other anita who made the replacement possible.

Meet the 4 lbs of attitude that wreaks havoc wherever she goes: Bella.

For larger image click on picture.

1 comment:

Panthera said...

Just look at that face it's as if she's saying: "I was framed I tell ya". Hope the new machine will bring just as many great posts as the previous one :o)

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