Sunday, April 29, 2007

A Rose...

I borrowed this piece of Poetry from a very good photoblogger Suzanne of

From a simple prayer
That began as a whisper in a quiet place
A dream can inspire the worldA voice echo far away
The wind can take our thoughtsFrom the wasteland where we walk
Into a pure landAs heroes proudly stand
Like a rose among thorns
From a simple act
That began in the corner of an unlit placeA vision embraces the world
A million candles blaze
We rise above ourselves
With a dignity somehow
Reach that Promised Land
As heroes proudly stand
Like a rose that grows
In spite of it all
A simple rose among thorns
In every lifetime we find a heart
That lights a spark in the eyes of the weary
Who can lead me to a greater love
Show there's good in us.

A Rose Among Thorns lyrics ~ Dulce Pontes

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