Saturday, April 28, 2007

MJ's Workshop

For larger image click on picture.

I finally have all the tools I need, not to be confused with want, for handling images. Lightroom, PS2 and Bridge.

Lightroom reduces workflow tremendously. PS is PS. Bridge is by far the best image browser available.

I am now going to set about learning about layers, finally.
Anita was just in here giving me some basics. Sheeesh, what a learning curve! But I am grateful for Anita's knowledge and willingness to share and teach.


Anonymous said...

Really like your Monterey John Photography Logo. Did you do that or have Anita put it together?

William said...

accidentally hit anonymous

Monterey John said...

Anita made the logo for me.

Manu said...

I like the screen capture... now that's what I call a digital darkroom! Way cool.

PS: the logo is great.

Paul said...

C'mon, John! Buck up! Layers are fun and very useful! :-)

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