Monday, March 05, 2007

Right Place, Right Time

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This was an interesting one. First, I shot it in RAW which raises all sorts of interesting color management issues. It took just short of forever to get that right in post-processing using both PS and Lightroom. Secondly, I don't have a macro for this camera, so I shot it in the macro function for my 35-105, my "walking around" lens. I just opened the aperture up and let the camera pick the shutter speed. I used manual focus due to the total lack of DOF. The camera set at 1/4000... geeze, I have NEVER shot a picture at such a high shutter speed.

1. OK clarity, but wish I had a better lens;
2. Great stop action, it's not everyday you catch a bee's wings in motion, and
3. Color came out pretty good after much post-processing futching.

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