Sunday, March 04, 2007

Lighthouse and Ice Plants in Bloom - Film Image

I have been going through the portfolio and "tweaking" in Lightroom. This shot of Pigeon Point Light with the ice plants in bloom struck me for some reason. I shot this with my trusty Minolta 700si.

For larger image click on picture.


Paul said...

A lovely shot, John. The flower's in the front are very nice.

Jill said...

Absolutely Stunning!!

Manu said...

Oh, there's already a new post - this is a really nice composition and the image is nice and sharp (do you still have the negative? just kidding) ;-)

Ptelea said...

This brings back wonderful memories. There were a just a few ice plants blooming when I was there. I can imagine from this how beautiful it is in full bloom. I see you caught 4 birds in the scene too!

Intern said...

so beautiful!

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