Friday, January 26, 2007

A San Francisco Riff

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Let's do something a little different.

San Francisco is my hometown. People who know me are amazed at that fact for a variety of reasons. Despite an abundance of mixed feelings about the city, my heart has never left the place. I love it with all my heart.

Over the next few days I'll put up several images from this most beautiful of American cities. The scenes will be familiar to most. I can only hope I have done the place justice.

This picture of Telegraph Hill and Coit Tower was taken from Treasure Island which is in the middle of the bay between San Francisco and Oakland under the Bay Bridge. I used a BIG lens, and it worked pretty well. It was windy and cold on this December night and all I could do was hope the tripod wouldn't shake too much. The ISO was only 200 to keep the noise down, but I have since come to learn that 800 is OK for this sort of situation.

For those who want to see some great urban images of The City, please visit my friend Manu's San Francisco Daily Photo.

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