Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Dusk After the Storm

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This one is for Laurie.

After a disappointment on my eye, it didn't get zapped today, I consoled myself by driving over the coastal mountains from Palo Alto to Pescadero. Well! We had a storm blow through here last night. 100mph winds in some areas. When I got to the coast it was mere 50mph zephyrs. Sheesh. You could not see the surf for all the foam. The foam was blowing across Highway 1 several hundred yards from the waters edge. It looked like a washing machine that had overflowed.

I drove down the coast to Pigeon Point and caught the late afternoon/dusk light. It was cold and windy as hell, but at least it was far enough above sea level to get out of the foam. I had a good time!

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Paul said...

Wow! John. I am seriously envious of you. It would be great to live near such natural beauty. Sure, NC, is beautiful, but nowhere beats California. Especially the area where you are. When do you think that you'll make it to the desert? :-)

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