Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Putting to Sea at Sunset - Re-worked in Adobe Lightroom Beta 4

For larger image click on picture.


MontereyJohn said...

Lightroom is quite a toy. The interface was very user friendly. I took a shot I already liked and made it better. The detail in the sky and the Golden Gate Bridge in the far distance have been greatly enhanced from their somewhat burned out look in the orignal. I am going to continue to experiment with this program. I have Photoshop 7, but for my purposes, I think Lightroom is more useful not to mention quicker.

micki said...

Well, whatever you did, John, this is a fabulous image!

Paul said...

Very dramatic shot, John. I love the mood here and the color contrasts of black and yellow.

Manu said...

I remember the unprocessed image... nothing to do with this. How did you do that?!? ;-)

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