Thursday, October 12, 2006

In the Redwoods of Big Sur

For larger image click on picture.


MontereyJohn said...

Up on the "old coast road" (see previous post). This is a magical place. Ten miles or so roaming up and down the mountains of Big Sur from redwood covered hillsides, the streams at the vallet floors to hilltop dells.

The Taylor Family Tabloid said...

John, Your photography seems to be improving. It could be your fancy new camera. Anyway, I just stopping by for a quick update. I see you made the leap to the Beta Blog. Since I'm a busy parent and instamatic digital guy, am not sure a leap would make much differnce for me. Any knee jerk thoughts on the matter. -- Happy Liberation Day for Alcatraz -- Buzz Daddy

micki said...

I like the images from when you visit the redwoods!!

Do drive carefully along those roads.

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