Sunday, October 15, 2006

And Now for an Important Safety Tip from the Olde Blogster

From an e-mail to my son and brother:

"Do NOT try to play computer expert, at least not on your own machine.

Last night I found out what Will meant by the "blue screen of death." I updated my Soundblaster drivers. Very bad idea. It took me hours just to get the machine to start in the safe mode. It locked up in the DOS boot mode. Arghhhh! Finally got it to go by finding a safe saved configuration and it booted. I dumped all the sound drivers, got a new SB 4 card and life is good again. No more blue screens.

Sheesh. If I had to reload all that crap and update everything I would have gone nuts, not to mention all the lost data. Like Will, I also got a 200 gig external drive so lost data will never again be an issue.

I really could use a martini after all that. "

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Paul said...

Yep! That's a big problem with M$ operating system. You never know which upgrade will kill the system! It's a shame that any upgrade could kill the OS, but it can. I had a similar experience years ago with a Windows NT system that would BSOD several times per day. I never did figure out what it was!

I'm glad that you're back in business again. That's pretty nerve racking.

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