Monday, February 25, 2008

Not Quite Ready for Prime Time, But Getting There!

I have wanted to get some of my work into book form for the longest time. It is an itch that needed scratching. This weekend I took a step in that direction. Unfortunately... in my rush to get it finished, I relied on spell check. Normally that would be fine. But this is California with lots of Spanish names. Well, Big Sur became Big Slur. Pomponio became Pompon. Pescadero became Persuader. I'm sure you get the picture.

So, while the book is loaded to the publisher, it is also loaded with errors. So, I marked it "private" so no one would buy it in error.

Nonetheless, I am feeling a real sense of accomplishment and will make every effort to have it go live in the next several days.

The book can be found here. When you get to the web page, click on "Book Preview" and a low res pdf version of the first 15 pages will come up.


Paul said...

John, are you teasing me? I went to the page, but all I got was a login page. :-)

Photo Cache said...

I checked the preview of your book and it's terrific. Congratulations. Keep shooting.

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