Monday, January 14, 2008

Trip Down Memory Lane - Greenwich, Connecticut

I was flipping through the archives and found this shot from MANY years ago. I grew up in Connecticut... well, at least got older. I shot this slide image a long time ago. Hey, not too bad for a kid who had no idea what he was doing.

These are the pilings for the dock at Greenwich Point. In the winter they take the floats out so they are not damaged by ice. The resulting scene is interesting.


Paul said...

That is a cool shot, MJ. It looks like a watercolor painting. Very abstract and calming.

evlahos said...

very neat shot. well done

WJWilson said...

ok, am cleaning up LR (we attached your hard drive to my computer) and came across this one, you must have cleaned er up pretty well and yes you must have shot this many years ago. Cool photo. As I am going through these, I am noticing that you have lots of stuff I would really love besides LR previews. Either burn me some CD's or leave all this wonderful stuff to me in your will. It would pro-long life to just burn to CD :).

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