Thursday, November 22, 2007

Thanksgiving and Toughness

There was this guy who took a moment to reflect on life on Thanksgiving. He thought about what life was like a mere three and a half years ago. He thought about where he was on this day of thanks.

Three and a half years ago he lost the love of his life, his job, his home, was facing major colon surgery and left the state where he had lived for over thirty years to go "home" to the place of his birth.

So what did he have to be thankful for?

An old friend who took him in and and provided support like he had no reason to expect. He renewed a relationship with a son. He was welcomed with love by that son and his family that he in no way deserved. He was blessed with a granddaughter a year or so later. He lives in the most beautiful place on earth. He has developed what was a hobby into a skill, passion and perhaps a vocation. All this came on top of a life of loss, self-inflicted and otherwise. He was given the strength to get from loss to joy.

Yep, he had much to be thankful for and perhaps the wisdom to see that things indeed happen for a reason.


Photo Cache said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Paul said...

John, a very moving post. Thank you for sharing it with us. It seems as all of the pieces have fallen back together.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Richard said...

This is the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Taking a moment out of your busy life to count your blessings.

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