Sunday, November 18, 2007

Relighting the Pigeon Point Light

Today Will, a friend and I traveled over to Pigeon Point Lighthouse for the annual relighting. It was cold and foggy, which was the good news and the bad news. Bad because it was just plain miserable. Good because the fog made the beams of light coming from the old Frisnel lense really pop.

As fate would have it, I left the camera mount to my tripod in the car. I was not about to walk the better part of a mile back through wind and fog to get it. I shot my images freehand only relying on a fence post or bench to steady the camera. As a result, many of the images were pretty bad. But the one to the right came out to my satisfaction. I'll put up a few others as well.

After we left Pigeon Point we headed for Pescadero to get something to eat at Duartes, a place I really like. It has an old west feel to it in this long forgotten byway of a town. However, a few thousand other people from Pigeon Point had the same idea. So, off we went to Will's place in San Jose where Sue whipped up a lovely dinner for us.

It was then back down the 101 to Salinas and home.

And here it is 1:15 in the morning and I'm playing with the pix!

Time for bed, folks.


William said...

Awesome!!! This is...well, itsAwesome.

I'm laying in bed sick now, but it was worth it.

Richard said...

Good shot John!

sailaway said...

Interesting shot! I was there too, is that one of the couples I saw climbing out on the catwalk? I must have been on the other side where the other couple was. What the heck were the these two doing on your side? Those two guys up there were from the Coast Guard, sent to turn off the aero beacon, they brought their girlfriends. Nice, huh? And in front of thousands of photographers!

Ginnie said...

You hit a gold mine, John. Awesome, indeed!

Photo Cache said...

Is this the one by San Mateo, I mean going towards HMB?

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