Thursday, August 16, 2007

MJ Quits Smoking - A Journal - Day 8 - Last Entry, Hopefully

OK, I've made it for a week. I feel comfortable enough that I and the Lord are going to make it this time. I never imagined I could actually stop smoking. I've known I should, but I had no faith I'd actually make it. Amazing grace.

I'm not totally comfortable yet. I am being hit by pangs, but I have not given in. I know I am one cigarette away from a 2 pk a day habit. There is no going back.

So, unless I run into a problem, I close this journal.


William said...

Week one! Awesome. Go have some orange juice, it'll taste great.

Jen said...

I am thinking of you and wishing you the ULTIMATE in will power!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep me posted!

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