Monday, July 23, 2007

Nosing Around on a Sunday Afternoon

Today I went over to Monterey to check out an arts festival. It was pretty sparsely attended while I was there. There was one photographer among the vendors. He had some nice stuff that was a bit pricey in the $300-400 range for matted lanscapes and city scapes. Good work, but I had a hard time seeing that type of work selling in a street environment.

Ah, the joys of researching the market

I did see one thing I liked, this guy walking around with a rat terrier on his shoulder.

I can see I have a thing or two to learn about this 70-300mm lens. The focus is soft in almost all my images. Guess I will go to aperutre priority at 100+ mm, perhaps f11 will sharpen things up.

For larger image click on picture.


ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
If it's a non VR lens then set in your in-camera image options to a point or two sharper. That usually picks up the slack in detail loss MJ. They tend to get a little visually condensated (fuzzy softness) in low light or on wet days too at least the Nikon versions do. But all in all the lens is an excellent versatile piece of street gear. I never travel without it and of late have been using it more often than ever. My latest post is from a 70-300mm from about 200 metres with no sharpening in post production.
This image has th "soft" focal detail you mentioned but I like the content enough.

badala said...

Oh this is such a cute photo! Nice capture!

paul said...

LOL! Love it! People and their pets! :-)

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