Saturday, July 07, 2007

Just call me "Gampa"

Ava called me "Grandpa" for the first time today though it came out "Gampa." Now that is what I call a birthday present. What a doll.

Will, Sue, Kayla, Ava and I went to the Celtic Festival here today with another couple and their two children. Lots of bagpipes, kilts, dancing and all the stuff the makes for lovely day. A good time was had by all.

We returned home and I played chef at the barbecue. Then birthday cake and ice cream. I am SO full.

Will shot the pic of me. God I look like hell. Haircut first thing Tuesday. I also look really OLD. Maybe do some things to take better care of myself?

Hey, I'd like to be around for the little lady in my lap.

Then a little time at the computer to get the pix out of RAW and reviewed. I got some pretty good shots at the festival which I'll post over the next several days.

Gampa sends his love to Ava and her family.

And last but far from least, thanks to Anita for making all this possible.

G'night all.


badala said...

So sweet.

Ginnie said...

Awwww. There's nothing like being a g'parent, John! Nothing! Our g'son turns 7 on the 12th. He is our pride and joy! We would have had him first if we had known he'd be this much fun. :)

paul said...

John, you look totally at peace!

ana said...

what a collection of sweet photographs. You're a lucky man!

mal said...

"Hey, get off me Dad"! lol

Super image, this must melt the hardest of hearts. mal

William said...

A fun day!

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