Saturday, June 02, 2007

Something Other Than California - Pitons - St Lucia

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A trip down memory lane...

Definitely NOT California.

I have been going through the inventory of images, and I decided to post a few from my deep dark past. This is a scanned film image (yes, I see the schmutz and will clone it out) taken aboard a square rigger that cruises the island. Interestingly this ship was used as the slave ship in the TV mini-series from years ago, Roots.

St Lucia is one of the gems of the Caribbean. It is a former Brtish Colony. The Brits under Lord Rodney stole it from the French back in the 1700s. To show you how popular the British were there, the natives still speak French. The French of course stole the island from the natives of whom I do not believe there are any left. The population is largely black, descendents of slaves.

This island is well worth visiting. It is an arid place in the North similar to its neighbor, Aruba. To the south it is tropical rain forest complete with a volcano and sulfurous hot springs. Princess Margaret maintains a home between the Pitons if that sort of thing moves you. There are NO large hotels on the island. Driving is not for the faint of heart but is possible and well worth the effort.

The island is a peaceful delight.


Jill said...

Love the new look! And love the way you captured this one. Feels like I'm on the boat myself.

Manu said...

Really dramatic composition, I like it a lot. Never been to that island... it looks nice. I had no idea they spoke french there.

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