Saturday, June 30, 2007

Photo Essay for JPG Magazine

I submitted a photo essay to JPG magazine in "celebration" of my upcoming 60th.

If you would like to vote for it you can do so here.

Coming Home

By John Wilson
25 June 2007

In a few days I will be 60 years old. 60! Where has life gone? Perhaps more importantly, where is it going?

Three years ago I came home to California. Boring life circumstances brought me here. Well, not so boring to me, but I will not press my luck with the reader with excrutiating details.

I was born in Berkeley (Bezerkeley as the wags call it) just after World War II. We moved East not long after my arrival. And though I have returned a few times, I have not lived here in the intervening years.

I knew this was closing in on the last chapter of life. My kids were here in California, kids with whom I had been preciously little involved to my grief and shame. Divorce was disasterous on multiple levels for me. I wanted to do something about that while there was still time.

So, home I came.

All during my life I have been an avid if so-so photographer. During the three short years I have been here, I like to think that has changed a bit, for the better I would say. Having an opportunity to develop my skills in this wildly beautiful setting has been a huge blessing. I love California with all my heart and relish the opportunities to shoot that present themselves every day.

The first time I set eyes on the Big Sur I was awed, and with the sunset my heart lept. Wandering around San Francisco that has always been close to my heart brought back wonderful memories and created new ones. Traveling the coast all the way to near Oregon was one delightful discovery after another.

And what about family?

A grand daughter, Ava Lee, was born almost two years ago. I was here to hold her a few hours after she was born. Not bad as blessings go. No one can ask for more.

My son Will has caught the photography bug. He has an a natural gift for the medium. He and I have spent many hours shooting together.

So I will continue shoot. And I will continue to grow nearer to myself, my God and my family. And life is good.

60? Heck, that ain't nothing. I have a long way to go and many pictures to take before I'm done.


William said...

Well said. Looks like we will get down there for the big day.

Photo Cache said...

congratulations on your milestone. i have enjoyed your photos very much.

Polly Jean said...

great story! isn't JPG magazine the coolest? a really neat outlet for both words and pictures... congrats!

badala said...

The word for this one is "magical". What a capture.

ndiginiz said...

Tena koe ehoa
This is a beautiful image MJ one that inspires me in longing for summer when I can return to the warm sea waters and the salty sea taste.
Congratulations on 60 and may I arrive there with half the spirit and zest for life you have, I'd be more than thankful.

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