Sunday, May 27, 2007

Rolling Out a New Look

I have spent a fair amount of time over the last several days re-working this blog. I never was satisfied with the default Blogger templates as the images were too small for good viewing and clicking on them to see a larger image was a nuisance. I received a comment from another blogger (a funk diddy) and her site looked a lot better than mine. So I contacted her and asked what she had done. She quickly replied and I used what she told me to get larger images. I then tweaked a bit. When I was done, I was reasonably satisfied and this what you now see. It works for me.

This is not as good as what can be done in Word Press or Pixel Post, but it is a lot easier to create and the result is not bad at all.

This shot is taken near Paraiso looking toward the Aroyo Seco from the Salinas Valley.

I am going to take a break for a few days to re-charge my creative batteries and see what other's have to say.

Meanwhile, here are some recent additions to the blogroll.


Anonymous said...

The site is looking good. Enjoy the time off!

Manu said...

woops, anonymous was the frenchman....

craiger said...

Just excellent again!

Polly Jean said...

thanks john. i appreciate your support. everything here looks fantastic! hope you're having a great holiday weekend.


Ptelea said...


Good to finally have a chance to check in with you - my new work schedule and an illness in my family have taken up all of my time. Your new look is great - I may try to get the info from you on how you made the changes - I am not happy with the small size of images either. Take care - recharge!

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