Friday, May 25, 2007

Pinacles National Monument

This unremarkable looking picture captures what really is something quite unusual. The jagged formation in the background is The Pinacles. It is one half of an ancient volcano. The other half is outside Los Angeles about 300 miles to the south. The volcano was torn asunder by the San Andreas fault.

The Pinacles are located in the Gabilan Mountains on the north side of the Salinas Valley about thirty miles or so inland from the ocean. It gets quite hot that far inland and is dry as can be seen. It also is a release point for the endangered California condor.

For larger image click on picture.


craiger said...

Thanks for sharing your Pinicles photos! I like your blog here! If you get a chance tell William that the link to his blog isn't working.

William said...

interesting, never knew that, you are truly a walking history book.

Was it a link on your page? I've tested everything and all looks good.

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